About Pulse

Pulse – Cultural Network for Transition believes that culture can be a driver for transition to a socially just and sustainable society. It connects cultural organizations that experiment with sustainable alternatives to our current societal model, with self-sufficiency and cultural activism at its core.


Read all about our vision for culture and sustainablility in our vision statement Culture as a driver for transition (pdf).

Pulse is a bottom-up network that was founded by several players in the cultural scene in Flanders, who were on the forefront of sustainability in arts and culture. After a while, the network received support from the Flemish Government who recognized the importance of culture in the shift towards a sustainable future.

Every year in October, Pulse organizes a conference on a specific subject related to transition to a sustainable future. A day full of good practices and inspiring cases to fuel discussion and experiments in the cultural sector.
Our website and tools are in Dutch, but under the caption ‘aan de slag’ we collect inspiring cases from our cultural scene, with a short summary in English at the bottom of each item. Do you need more information or are you curious about what happens in Flanders on the intersection of culture and sustainability, contact us at info@pulsenetwerk.be.